Every parent wants the best education for their child, so that it helps steer their futures in a positive direction. This is a direction where individuals are less likely to partake in crime, gang involvement and anti-social behaviour. Instead, these individuals will be more self aware of life; they will have an understanding of how to put others first with the ability to control their own emotions. They apply the know how of common sense, ethics and moral values with the aid of spiritual awareness (humanitarianism) throughout everyday life.


Remarkable results can be achieved through this applied philosophy. Each student who participates on the course will clearly demonstrate self-realisation and a positive change in their character. This is identified by the way they interact and feel towards others; students demonstrate a positive approach to negative situations, converting negative to positive. Our current education is geared towards a profession whereas, in reality, our actions in life should be based upon a devotional thought proccess.
















Our education provides service to schools, educational institutes and organisations in the UK and internationally. It promotes ‘positive human behaviour through ethical and moral understanding’ and teaches students how to apply this knowledge in day to day living throughout their daily lives. This is an education which not only teaches you how become a positive individual but ultimately ensures that you will be a positive example which others would want to follow.


Today’s society teaches individuals to become a doctors, lawyers or scientists. Himgiri first teaches the qualities of a positive human being before you become a professional. This way you will be the best in what you do, adding the important and missing quality of positivity, devotion, welfare, equility, compassion, respect combined with a deep understanding of humanity.

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