SCENE 1 and 2 - The Soul leaves the body


What is a Soul?

Answer: An energy form, originating from the universal energy. It’s truthful and wants to go back to its creator.

What does it look like?

Answer: it is an energy, you cannot see the soul with the naked eye.

It has no colour, has no shape. It’s like love, it has no colour and it has no shape, it is an energy.

How can you prove that the Soul actually exists?

Answer: How can you prove love exists? Just like we know love exists but we cannot prove it, in the same way the soul exist but can’t be seen.

Does a Soul have a memory of its past life/life’s?

Yes, when meeting a soul mate (friends, lover, and family member). You may feel a stronger connection with them, although you may not remember you’re past life.

It does but it’s like a file, a computer file, it’s locked, that part of the soul is locked. It can be unlocked but it is locked. Sometimes it becomes unlocked and people will see their previous life or parts of their previous life they’ll see. But generally 99.9% of the time it is locked.

SCENE 3 and 4 – Soul leaves the body via one of the nine exists – Which Exist the Soul leaves through is according to your deeds in the life you have just lived. It is considered more positive the higher the exist.

Why is the highest exit considered as the most positive? Does this mean that the lower exist, leads to more pain? What kind of pain is it?

Answer:  Yes, the lower exist leads to more pain. The higher the exist the more positive deeds you have done and the higher the chances of you breaking the cycle of birth and deaths. 

If we do positive deeds which are considered more positive, why is it that people who do negative actions and still have everything in life?

Answer: Your karma from your past seven human lives is what is carried forward into your present life, leading you to have certain trials or comforts in your life. So negative actions done in your current life do not determine your karma for this life and also the next, with the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

SCENE 5 – The Soul body takes its journey, as it travels through the higher planes, it is very sensitive and receptive to human feelings.

What are higher planes?

Answer: Lands within the universe.

The soul will travel, and as it getting higher and higher to where it is meant to be going, it gets lighter and lighter so it is dropping off more and more of what it is carrying. This is its landing point, the Earth. This physical body its heavy, and when it leaves its physical body it then has another 4 bodies that it carries. And then it gets to the next stage, one of the bodies drops off and then it has 3 bodies and then finally the soul will be left by itself, no other bodies with the soul. Sometimes people see a white light when meditating, this is the same energy as the soul.

Why is the soul which is an energy, sensitive and receptive to human feeling as it travels?

Answer: For the first 40 days after leaving its human form the souls is sensitive to its past lives and relationships. This only last during its journey. Life is based on feeling, and if there is no soul there is no feeling. So therefore the answer is that the soul gives the feeling. The soul is made up of 338 million Devi Devta/Gods and Goddesses all congested, all combined into one power and that’s where all the feelings comes from.

What is the significance of 40 day?

Answer: After the age of 40, humans should become more spiritual aware.

This is also the first unit of calculation that the Heavens use. When you reach that first unit as a human being, it is a time to pause and reflect and I’m half way through my life, what have I done! When you look back, it is mostly selfish and egotistic, so you want to change that, and that’s when you go down the spiritual path, or one thinks it’s a spiritual path but it’s a religious path in this era, and you try to find God, but you are always looking outside when its inside. God is inside, otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. So He’s already there. But you need someone you help you find Him.


One of the biggest things of all, you need a spiritual guide according to the current era. This era is such that many things can happen, and that didn’t happen in other eras, and it is very fast this era.

Because this body belongs to nature we should be natural. Himgiri’s used to say, we belong to Nature we should be natural. Beyond this, is while we are on this Earth our body belongs to nature, we should be natural, and the body within which this soul lies is spiritual. So we need to be natural on the earth, the soul also needs something. The soul will not connect with Nature, it will connect with Almighty so that connection needs to be there. So there should be a two fold connection, one for the body with Nature, and the second the Soul with Almighty, then it’s fulfilled.


So it’s two fold; the body with Nature, and that will assist while on earth, and will assist us as human beings, and then the soul, with the Lord Almighty, and you will have peace; Otherwise you will be disturbed. The knowledge of nature can come from Guru/spiritual teacher. The practicality of connecting the soul with Guru/spiritual teacher will come with the blessing of Guru/spiritual teacher.


SCENE 6 – Left door to Purgatory, the Middle Door to Next Life, The right door leads to the Gods.


What happens to the soul as it stands in front of the 3 doors?

Answer: First, there will be 2 energies sitting in front of Dharamraja (Lord of Death). One is the mind, one is the Soul. Dharamraja will show what negative and positive you done. In the negative bits the mind will say I told him not to do this but he did it. On the positive ones, the mind will say there you go, see what I did for him.

Nine times out of 10, 99.9% everyone’s account is negative. So then Dharamraja will ask the soul what should be your punishment and the soul speaks this should be my punishment. However, if you have a Guru/spiritual teacher, Dharamraja will ask you do you have a Guru/spiritual teacher and you’ll say yes; He will ask who is your Guru/spiritual teacher, you’ll say this is my Guru/spiritual teacher and then He’ll call Him and He comes and stands behind. If the account is in negative they will ask your Guru/spiritual teacher that will you give some of your bhagti and seva to cover his or her negativity. He may say yes or no. If He says yes you are saved, if He says no you will have to go through your punishment. Sometimes the Guru/spiritual teacher can be such that He comes and takes you from there, there is no judgment, they just says come with me, he/she is mine, no need to judge. End of story, depending on the stage of the Guru/spiritual teacher.

The soul gets to see all their actions that it carried out in its life, and truthfully speaks what it’s next destination should be. It decides which one of the doors it wants to go through.

The doors are a metaphor for the three pathways after life has finished on earth. It is just a figure of speech. There are only three possible pathways leading the soul to its next destination. Your soul is truthful so it will follow the truth.

Once the soul takes the final step over the door's threshold, its new journey will begin, either back on earth without a human body, back on earth for rebirth, or entering into the Heavens. 

SCENE 7 – Left Door: (Purgatory) The Soul reaches the stage of Purgatory. The Soul stays on earth until its time is up, the angels working with Lord of Death then come to collect the Soul.

Why does the soul stay in purgatory?

Answer: Sometimes a life ends prematurely, before it was destined to end. For example, by human may commit suicide or recklessly putting their life in danger (e.g. drugs, alcohol and joy riding).

Time spent on earth is measured by the number of breaths the human body takes. At the end of its last life, the soul decided that it must take a number of breaths back on earth via rebirth based on its deeds. If during this next lifetime the life ends prematurely, the soul must still carry out its breaths on earth as a form of penance. This is why the soul must stay in purgatory. 

Why are angels working with the Lord of Death?

Answer: These are helpers, just like any business has departments, you have the Head of the departments (Lord of Death), and you have staff working for them (angels are the helpers). This does not mean that they are negative, it’s just their role.


SCENE 8 – Middle Door (Heaven): out of the cycle of Birth and Death, the Soul enters Heaven.


What/Who is the Creator?

Answer:  Universal supreme energy, from which the universe and planets were created, (Energy/Action).

When you are given a position in Heaven, just like in a Company, you are given a role and responsibility, but it is far away from the creator, as It is not easy getting to the creator, in fact it is nigh on impossible.


SCENE 9 – Right Door (Re-Birth): The Soul enters the next phrase of its journey according to whether its deeds have amounted more negative or positive.

What determines your Deeds?

Answer:  Deeds are determined by your actions on earth. The more Positive deeds you do the Positive the outcome will be. There are many ways to achieve positive actions; selfless service (charity work); helping others in need, good virtues, thinking positive (so your actions will be positive); respecting your body; respecting all living species on earth (including Humans and Animals); and fulfilling your responsibility correctly as a Human being (Socially, Morally and Spiritual).

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