Science of Peace

These courses/workshops will help us as individuals to act in accordance with natures laws. We will become better human beings, good children, good parents, and good employees/employers. 

This creates a positive cycle which in return produces a humane society giving individuals a moral compass and direction in life. 

Within us and society, the course teaches us to replace negative feelings with positive ones, all based on the law of nature. The current education system shapes us to become professional humans, whereas Himgiri’s education shapes us to become devotional beings, and both work hand in hand.

The rest of your life begins today!

Progressive Learning

The course contents has been adapted for everybody, and after successfully studying the course awards a level 3 Dip​loma in the area of life skills and employability. More importantly, it will give us a connection with nature, a positive direction in life, and allows us to move forward in life.

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Master Your Feelings, Control Your Life

For those wishing for a bit more of an understanding of their own psyche, values and feelings, this course will further allow you to understand your own nature, and why you feel the way you do, plus how to regain balance i.e. happiness, acceptance or contentment within. It will teach you how to un-wrangle and grow from less supportive feelings, replacing them with more positive feelings and thought patterns.

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