The Fogotten Truth (Our Purpose In Life)

how to thrive using spiritual practise

  • Date: August 2024
  • Time: To Be Confirmed
  • Location: Himgiri Dham, Cookes Lane, Mursley, Aylesbury, MK17 0RU.

Why attend ?

It can be challenging living and thriving in today’s world, be it our personal circumstances such as relationship challenges to wider society issues such as the cost of living crisis to world-wide issues such as war. It can be difficult to find peace of mind, and challenging to thrive in these circumstances. Our event is aimed at showcasing the spiritual practises such as meditation which are simple, powerful and accessible to everyone to help them thrive in life!

What to expect?

Our team have organised a day of informative and nourishing events for all the family. You don’t have to be a person of faith or spiritual to come along. We neither charge for entry, but do encourage you to enjoy the tea and snacks over a relaxed conversation with everyone.

1. Art exhibition: Come along and enjoy the beauty and the energy of nine Hindu deities. Learn about the history and origins of our deities and how they are relevant to us all today. Please also meet our in-house artist to ask any questions or to just enjoy a chat about the beauty of divine energy.

2. Yoga stand: What really is yoga? We aim to break some of the misconceptions that yoga is purely a physical practise requiring great flexibility. There is so much more to yoga such as pranayama (breathing), meditation, chakras (energy centres) and so forth, making this a beautiful grounding practise that anyone can do. Live demonstrations will be held on the day and you’re most welcome to join in.

3. Meditation stand: We’ve dedicated a stand just to meditation as it’s at the centre of our practises here at Himgiri UK. Find out what it means to meditate and how it can help you to come back to yourself, to ground yourself and to connect with the wisdom of your soul to help guide you in day to day life. 
4. 121 Spiritual counselling and healing stand: It’s good to talk and here at Himgiri UK, we listen without judgement and with your permission, we’re happy to offer practical advise and actions you can take so you may start your journey of cleansing, feeling lighter and living a more happier and fulfilled life.

5. Tea and hot drink stand: This wouldn’t be an event without hot drinks and snacks made with love by our team. Pop along for a free drink and snack, and enjoy conversation with our team and other visitors. Who knows what these encounters may lead to, the sparking of a new idea or the beginning of a new friendship.


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