Himgiri was established in the late 1960's by our great founder Shri Gurudevji of Gurugaon, New Delhi, India. Later in 1989 Himgiri was registered as its first education institute in Mumbai. This was the first of many to follow. In 1993 a head office institute was registered in the UK, London.
Today Himgiri  Global Institute of Nature and Mankind has over 90 education institutes across the world, New Delhi, Mumbai, London, Holland and Suriname (South America).





















                                                                                                          Shri Gurudevji

Founder of Himgiri Global Institute of Nature  & Mankind


The present education system for England and Wales known as the ‘national curriculum’, commonly teaches children standard subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and others. The current status of our modern society clearly indicates, through crime statistics that more young adults are lacking the following values; family, social, moral and ethical. This also includes lack of any sort of knowledge towards spiritual development. The Education Act of 1996, 2002 and amended version of 2011, clearly states that children are to be taught social, moral and spiritual development skills (spiritual development is practical knowledge based upon humanity and not based on any particular religion of the world). Currently, practical social skills are taught when students interact with one another. However ethical values and social moral skills perhaps may be taught theoretically but certainly not practically. As for spiritual development this is incorrectly assumed to be based upon religious education. Spiritual development is actually gained naturally throughout an individuals upbringing, knowledge based upon humanity through humanitrainism.

For this reason Himgiri designed "Science of Peace" , a course to restore the missing elements in today’s education system. It has been designed to teach social values, family values, ethical and moral values combined with spiritual development through the applied philosophy of selflessness. The course can easily work around the current curriculum causing no disruption to the current educational subjects in place and also helps to restore the balance required for a succesfull society.

Our work involves approaching secondary schools, colleges and universities across London and the UK and introducing the "Science of Peace" course giving many children the oppertunity to recognise their full potential of becoming a optimistic being by having an overall positive approach and attitude towards life.



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