The Solution

The solution to all the above is in the Science of Peace course. We recognised that global problems are caused due to the lack of education about ourselves and no self control and the inability to realise the goodness in others. Spreading positivity in everyday life is essential; we therefore designed a practical course tailored for all in regardless of age, race or gender. Multiculturalism is an essential to our organisation. In essence, the course teaches the importance of spreading positivity through application and the positive energy throughout everyday life.  





Our Research

In 2005, our team researched the current English education system for England and Wales and found the following reuslts: The Education Act of 2002 and amended version of 2011 states students are to be taught social, moral and spiritual development skills. As we continued with our research we found a loophole. We visited schools across London and found that children learnt social skills because they interacted with one another. We found that moral and ethical skills were perhaps taught theoretically but practically were not, and that spiritual development was associated with religious education. Spiritual development, however, is based on the fundamental values an individual gains during their upbringing.


The results of the research concluded that parents expect teachers to teach moral and ethical values at schools and colleges whilst teachers expected parents to teach these values at home. This dilemma meant that children from early ages of  4 - 5 years to junior age were taught only the basic values. After which they are left alone to learn these values from their own resources. Many turn to society, friends and social media for help and attain a moral understanding of our society and world.


Can you see subjects of Morals and Ethics practically being thought within current education system today?    


Our Aim & Goal


Our aim is for individuals to attain an education which teaches them how to become a successful positive human being, with values and skills linked to oneself. These values are required in order to build a successful and positive society finally leading towards world peace. Parents are to be proud of their children because of their selfless actions, positive thinking and their ability to use their own initiative to do good towards others.


We create ambitious entrepreneurs and role models for others to be inspired by and for others to follow by example.

What is Science of Peace?

Science of Peace is a  course accredited by the NCFE. The customised award for the "Science of Peace" course is designed to help students and individuals tackle issues such as self control, social defects, anti-social behaviour and substance misuse. In return, students can adopt and enhance natural qualities and instincts, which are necessary towards self progression and peace. Ultimately leading humanity towards global peace and building a successful society through philanthrophy. The course is also designed to assist politicians, parents, teachers, and individuals tackle bigger issues linked to:




Anti-social behaviour



Gang violence

Global stability

Tackle Poverty & Anti Terrorism


Problems are commonly identified through an individuals actions which has derived from their emotions. Emotions are determined by the thought process of an individual.  If we choose to think positively then only positive will manifest; if we choose to think negatively then only negative will manifest.  





Our students make the difference to our current society

Our qualified students make all the difference to our current society. They have attained qualities which will help reshape and finally make a difference to our world. These are qualities such as honesty, loyalty, respect, tolerance, and an effective and clear understanding between right and wrong, along with many other important  values and thought proccess.


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